How is it Done

Work Flow

Either use our intuitive web interface to describe your application or call us for help in selecting required hardware module(s) from our SMTIO lineup of IoT connectivity/processing modules. Purchase a few modules and connect to our SMTIO Device console cloud infrastructure. Rapidly create your application with the use of simple web interface. Test your application thoroughly for proof-of-concept. Produce in quantity. Sell and profit. It's that simple.


Hardware Module(s)

Our ready to deploy SMTIO line of IoT module(s) are equipped cryptographic hardware security chip to enable your product/application connect securely to our cloud infrastructure.  They come with various capabilities that your application can take advantage of. For example, if your application needs to control a switch and log pressure data, you would select a device that has these capabilities and realize your application in no time.


SMTIO Device Console

SMTIO Device console is a per user authenticated cloud platform that keeps track of all activities on user level. Hardware module(s) selected/recommended for your application can be connected and deployed to our SMTIO Device Console platform in no time and start functioning within minutes. Deployment of device is done by fully authenticated users for audit trail of activities by user in the application. With a few clicks, with zero coding, you IoT application will be securely functioning in few minutes.


The Work Flow

Login with OAuth 2.0 Secure authentication

Create your account at our SMTIO Device Console cloud application. This can be done by clicking on Login. You can either use your email address and your own password or use your external accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or GitHub for OAuth 2.0 secured authentication.

Add your device to your account

After Logging into your SMTIO Device Console your application devices can be provisioned to our Cloud infrastructure. Locate your device ID from the documentation you received from IoT Wizards along with the device or by looking at the back of the module. Enter the Device ID and Register.

Start operating your device

Depending on the nature of your device, you might be able to view your data on great looking charts or control your device from the application. You can start building your application by simply defining rules such as "Notify me with email on ... " etc. Please note that the SMTIO Device Console application can work on any screen size from Mobile phone to Desktop.

Production ready modules with native Cryptographic Secure Element (SE) to choose from to suit your application needs. Selected module(s) can safely connect to our network protocol agnostic cloud infrastructure. Depending on your application, you might select module(s) that use WiFi, Ethernet, LoRA, Cellular etc., from our SMTIO lineup of hardware modules. An application with selected module(s) can connect to our OAuth2.0 authenticated SMTIO Device Console that enables monitor and control of field inputs and outputs.

Bring your products to life on the cloud with easy deployment of devices

Remote control and monitor

Crucial data produced by your product, while interacting with its surrounding can be stored, analyzed and monitored in real time remotely. Send commands to the product remotely.

Update Products remotely

Your product enhancements over a period of time can be updated remotely without expensive Firmware/Software update roll out.

Multiply productivity

Improved productivity of your product can be realized with features that were not possible before.

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